new challenge: 30 days complaint-free

I decided to start a new challenge: not to complain for 30 days.
In fact, it’s an exercise to focus more on what I want for my life than on what I don’t want. I have to acquire the habit of looking for the bright side of every situation.

Yesterday was the first day. I decided that I won’t complain all the day and I’ll do this till the 8th of december.

Insight for the first day: It’s seems like I’ve freed my brain RAM with negative thoughts and I realized that I’ve more space in my mind to think about positive things. Very interesting. The day was very quiet. If something is going wrong, instead of complaining about the situation, I’d rather find the next step to improve the situation.

Here is an example. Yesterday, after my work I went to catch a taxi. But after about 10 minutes waiting I couldn’t get one. And there was a lot of people waiting, so to catch the next one we would have to rumble. I decided to walk because I had only about one kilometer. I could start complaining and saying to myself: « I’m obliged to walk so far although I’m tired. I had a busy day, now that! No! I just started to walk and thought it was a good occasion to appreciate having a walk in the evening and having enough time to meditate and I started visualise a taxi which could stop just in front of me. It was quite perfect. I just walked for only 100 meters and exzctly as I saw in my visualisation, a taxi stopped just in front of me and I could jump in it.

So the first insight is : when you complain about something, your mind is full with that thing and you have no more place for other better thoughts. You can’t focus on the present moment because it’s looking very bad. But once you stop complaining and ask yourself how you could use this situation to do something interesting, you are able to apreciate and focus on the present moment and even have some fun ;-).

See you next time for more insights. 30 days is long, so I’m sure I’ll have many other experiences to share 😉 .


The « give to live book » from Dr Rick BARRETT

I’ve download the give to live book from Dr Rick BARRETT.
It’s an amazing book that can change your way of considering the act of giving and it’s effect in your life. And that can change your whole life either.
Here is the link to download it for free.

Enjoy and learn!

How you can attract the miracle you want in your life

I believe in miracles 😉 , that’s why I’ve suscribed yesteday to The Attract Miracles Mediation Project from Joe Vitale.

In order to change my life and my country for the best, I’m ready to try everything that can bring me close to it.

I’ve found it very interesting to have people around the world supporting you in order to attract the miracle you want in your life. It could be in your financial, spiritual, professional, relational, or anything 😉 field.

You can be a congolese or someone else, here is an opportunity to participate in something very valuable. You will receive support to accomplish all you want for your life and at the same time participate to make a better world for every one. All you need is pray and meditate every day. As simple as that ;-).

Here is the link to join me and everybody who is involved.

So here is an opportunity we can’t let pass away.

PS: I’m an affiliate of the project so if you suscribe from my link I’m going to earn some commission ;-).

Take up your own business

Take up!
Which prerequisite you need to take up your business? Nothing! Let me explain:
When I got the idea to launch my own site, I thought I needed enough money to buy a computer, an internet connection and to learn how I could launch it. Buying a computer it’s a little expensive here so I was not sure my wife would let me, as far as we were fully in debt. We saved a little money aside, but it was for important needs. And there was my job. It takes me practically all the day! When can I put aside some spare time to devote myself to this new work! I’d be obliged to get up very early, or go to bed very late, two things I’m not used to. I might as well be thinking, with this kind of ideas, in ten years from now, the site would still be a project.
The ideal time to start never happens!
When you make the inventory of things you need to start something, you have tendency to procrastinate, because there will always be something in your list you have no idea how to get it. Unfortunately, thinking this way will keep your project in the state of project.
Obstacles you put in your own way
1. Money
When you perceive money as an obstacle to get something, know that you can overcome it. First, find the way to get this thing without having money first. I can assure you that there is always one. Here is how I found that the lack of money is an excuse for many things. I needed a camera. I was thinking about it many times when I went out with my wife or when I was experiencing things that were worth taking some pictures. I even used to borrow someone else’s camera. Then I thought I had other priorities (it’s not easy living when you don’t earn enough!). One day, I saw one of my co-workers holding a digital camera. He commanded one to another guy who was selling them, but meanwhile someone offered him another one. So, He was thinking about giving back the one he wanted to buy. I got interested and I wanted to take it. Then I noticed that logical thoughts like “I’d better ask my wife first”, “would I be capable of buying it?”, “here is more debt that will make me stuck for a few months again” was popping in my head. So before I got paralyzed, I took the camera. I found the price excessive, but I’d have six months to pay it. I realized that if I started put money aside to pay one cash, I’d never manage, because I’d have other priorities in the meanwhile. But when I take this one, I’ll have to spend the money anyway, but at least, I’ll have the camera and in six month (maybe a little more), I’ll forget about it. Now I got the camera, I have many souvenirs of moments or people I love and I can move to something else.
There is also the computer I’m typing this article in. I bought it the same way and from the same guy. Now in one month, I got two things I could only have maybe in one year if I let myself stopped by the lack of money. I’m still in debt, but I got both of it and I started using them for my pleasure. Now my mind is no more full of the need of those things, so I can move to other necessities.
I’m not saying that you should take things you won’t be able to pay carefree (you are taking high risks doing so), but go out of your comfort zone. If you set your debt capacity to 100$ per month, for instance, try to set it to 150 or even 120$ to see what happens. Stretch the limit to see when you can really stop instead of just imagining it. You could be surprised to see that your income can allow you more than you were thinking. If you are worrying about me, I calculated my debt capacity very well, and in 6 or 8 months, I’ll have paid my camera and my computer.
When you are thinking about something you need, you can see it appearing in your neighborhood. But often, you’ll let yourself involved in logical thoughts that will give you excuses not to take what you desire. Well, as a beginner businessman, you should change it. The method is called “ready-fire-aim approach”. Type it in the net and you’ll find out the meaning of it. I’ll say this in short:
A. I need something, I’ve to take many steps to get it and
B. Wonderful! There is a step I can reach right now no matter if I can’t presently reach the other steps, but I’m doing it anyway.
C. Repeat A
With this kind of loop, you can reach all objectives that are worth it.
2. Skills and competences.
You can also get checked by the lack of competences. “I’d like to but I don’t know how to do it”. It’s very logical also, but as unsuccessful as the perception of the lack of money. Well, acquire knowledge! Take courses, surf, read, go find those who are doing well and start the first lesson. Move on! Supposing that you need one year to learn what you need to learn. As long as you say: I need to learn it, I need to learn it, time is passing, but you still have one year to learn it. But if you start the first lesson right now, the countdown will really start, so the sooner you start, the sooner you finish. And if you don’t care learning, for one reason or another, find someone who knows how to do this thing for you. There is certainly another businessman who’s looking for his own fame (if you don’t have enough money to hire a professional, you see here an example about the excuse of money) and who will be delighted to help you for free provided that you’ll talk about him to someone else. I’ve no skill in blogging. One year ago, I didn’t even know what it was like. I simply decided to let the technical part to someone else and be content to write!
3. Time
You’re lacking time? You know what? It’s also an excuse. How many time you found yourself wasting your time with something useless? Playing video games, surf without purpose, gossiping with co-workers, friends or neighbors, watching useless TV shows, going to bed without being sleepy or lounging in bed when you are already awake… I don’t mean those things are bad, but if you study the way you use your time, you’ll realize that there are things you could do without to make up time for what is really important.
4. People
Maybe it’s your wife, your family, your co-workers or your friends who won’t let you? Know that in the end, even if it’s true that they can have a terrific influence in you (I know what I’m talking about), we are talking about your own life! First, don’t give them intentions they don’t have. If your wife doesn’t even know that you’re planning to take all your savings to create a business, don’t behave as if she refused. Talk to her. You’ll be obliged to find good reasons to convince her, so you’ll have a good test to know if you really believe in what you’re talking about. You’ll not convince anybody if you’re not able to convince yourself. I can guarantee you nobody will live your life for you, thus the opinion you have to consider most is yourself. Suppose people give you advices against or are trying their best to prevent you from what you’re planning to do. They might be sincerely worrying about you. If you think they are right after you thought about their reasons, do what they are telling you. You’re not going to prove anything being pigheaded. But if what they are saying seems irrelevant to you, or if you have doubts, the best thing you can do is trying safely for a while to learn something and see who’s right in your case. Or you can use their reasons as railings to take conscious of danger and prevent you from taking useless high risks. But at the end, don’t put yourself in a situation you’ll have to say that if you are unhappy it’s someone else’s fault, because he discouraged you. It’s not true, so go and do what you think it’s right and assume the consequences. Be a man (or a woman)!
For Heaven’s sake, stop putting obstacles in your own way towards accomplishment of your goals. Go get them and take whatever God (or the universe if you believe in it) put in your way to reach them.

How to attract $175 000 today

I’m not going to say very much.
I just wanted to share this link with you

Dream killer

When we were teenagers, my best friend and I were used, the first time we met someone, especially girls, to ask what he (she) likes to do in life. The answer (as well as the lack of answer) would give us an idea about the personality of the one we were talking with, or a topic wide enough to keep the conversation for at least an hour. It’s possible you couldn’t know what you are going to be in a near or distant future. It’s possible you couldn’t have any project for your life. It’s possible you couldn’t know your qualities or skills and competences (especially if you are barely 20). But you can always answer the question “what do you like to do in life?” the answer can sometimes be commonplace like playing video games, or doing nothing, but it can help you find a beginning of answer to another question “what would you like to do in life?” if you happened to be a teenager, you know that the world gave you an unlimited range of answers to this question (I hope for you). While I was spending 8 months at home because school were closed (public school teachers were not paid enough), I learned to play basket ball, checkers, I started learning English, so I had a lot of fun. When you are only a 12 years old boy, it’s enough to spend 8 month without being bored. When I learned all those things, I was doing them for fun, and if I could keep practicing, I could become very good at it. Besides, except for checkers, I was pretty good. Later, I learned to use typewriter keyboard, then a computer keyboard. I learned scrabble and monopoly. I enjoyed all those activities. I can still remember the exciting feeling of learning something new, and I didn’t even talk about the new things I learned in school. I got this feeling recently again, when learning my present job.
But I noticed, and that is what I want to say in this article, that often when we get a job, we stop learning new things as soon as we have learned our job. We close our mind for growth and for fun. The only project we have now is to become good enough doing our job to get a higher grade, or worse, to earn enough money to live. To progress in our career and to earn enough money to live is interesting and it can keep us busy several days, but the only problem with that is we can succeed! I mean, sometimes in our life, we’ll have to find a new way to fill our days. Unfortunately, some of us waited to be retired our fired to become aware of this simple truth, and that they could spend their time more cleverly. We have the right to have fun. Some games became too childish, or simple, but we still have the right to have fun. Teenagers and children have more fun than us because, among all, they always find new things or old ones that allow them to discover new things about them or about the world they are living in. they are in a perpetual state of wonder. And if you make a list of what you are able to do and compare it with what you can learn to do, you’ll see that it would be a pity to limit your life to become a manager in your company or to earn enough to buy a house or a car. Those things are good but they are also tiny compared with all you can be capable of doing during your entire life. Then if you succeed to become a manager or if your job ends (you can be sure that your job will end some day, no matter if you are fired or retired or dead) or if you reach the status of life you dream to reach, you’ll have to say “now what?” you’ll ask yourself the question no matter if you become a president or a billionaire.
So find something that can give you fun, and let you learn something new from yourself or from life. If you got a maximum knowledge in an activity and you know that you can’t learn more with it, start learning something else. When you learned something, you don’t have to practice it till the end of your life. Use your proved, or suspected or hidden skills. Don’t end up showing up at an office during 20 or 30 years doing a routine job. I assure you that by doing this, you make me think about those rats running in a wheel and making it turning for the entertainment or the business of someone else, and you say to yourself “what a vanity, or a spiteful jail for this poor rat!” and you don’t know that you became one yourself!
When you became a newly adult, you had dreams. And you’ve been told that you got to find a job. Well, but you have still the right to fulfill your dreams. If your current job doesn’t allow you to fulfill your dreams, look for a suitable one or simply create one from scratch. Don’t wait to be retired, start now.
I calculated something simple: if one of your project is to have a house of your own, and you noticed that with your current or future salary even if you reach the top of your company, you won’t realize it anyway, start right now looking for a job with a better income, or find something apart that can make good, but don’t give up your dream to show yourself up to your daily job like a robot. Didn’t you notice that compared with the owners of your company you are late in fulfilling your dreams, because you work till 12 hours a day while they are on vacation? You have almost the same lifetime than them. But you spend your time building their dreams and sacrificing yours! You are generous with them but unfair with yourself. One of my dreams is to write what I’m writing, I mean the result of my thoughts (why not write about results of someone else’s thoughts). I decided that it was about time for me to start, no matter my current job. And three months later, I have written enough to make you read for one hour at least. Not bad, for half-time commitment. I wonder what it will be like when I do it fulltime. And you know what? I’m going on learning new things as I’m doing it. There are so many topics to tackle that my progression is pretty unlimited. And at the end, I intend to earn money from it.
Don’t let your job become a “dream killer”. Don’t let it take all your waking time and just let you time to sleep. If you love music, learn to play a musical instrument. Not tomorrow, right now. If you love writing, take a pen and a notebook or open your computer right now. If you like accountancy, go find the owner of the shop around the corner and offer your service for free. If you like singing, go to your church’s choir or to another one, and join it. Or go find those guys who created their little band and join them, playing during your spare time. When I was younger, there was a band performing in a bar. Twice or three times a week, without earning any money, they were performing the same songs. But they were more enthusiastic than my co-workers, who are earning money showing up every day. If your dream is preaching… then you are an enigma. What is preventing you from it? Go outside and start preaching! Are you ashamed of it? You want the Spirit to convince you first? You’re going to stay there till death! Start preaching and you’ll know very quickly if you are made for it or not. In any case you’ll be fixed more quickly than if you stay there wandering. You love reading, learning things from the world? Internet is there and with almost nothing, you can have enough documentation in any topic. We have never had so much access to knowledge since the beginning of mankind. Go read and stop complaining about the lack of time due to your job.
Take care of filling your life well, while you are still living, because I can assure you that it’s not permanent. It’s maybe hard to grasp but, every day you are approaching the grave and you can’t avoid it, as well as all humanity. So live the life you like and we’re going to see what happened after death, but don’t let your job become your dream killer.

money:our beloved master

Day 2
For us, zombots, money is fascinating. This shit of paper is the starting point of our happiness, or at least of our pleasure. It’s extraordinarily powerful: it can make us do plenty of things we’d refuse to do if it was not involved. It can make us deny what we know to be true; it can help us own many things and give us many privileges from other zombots.
You know what? Money can even make us forget we’re going to die someday. Great, isn’t it?

We, the zombots, can do anything to possess it. You got some dreams? You can trade it for money. Let’s have enough money to play it safe and then we’re going to work on our dreams. You need something? You’ll have to spend money to satisfy it? Forget it! Don’t you see you can use this money for a better purpose like the studies of your children? Your boss is treating you like an incapable? No matter, because at the end of the month, he is the one who pays you. If you know with certainty that grass is green and you boss decides that grass is red, what do you think you’re going to do, especially since your job depends on your ability to agree with what he says? We, the zombots, know how to react in this situation, don’t we? After all, it’s only happening in the office. As soon as we go back home, far from our boss, we can always recognize the truth.

You know what? The more we have money, the more we want. Our salary is never enough; there is always something we could have if we could earn more money. We’d better find where money move about (it’s something scarce) and pump it out as much as possible. Money! The all problems solver! Everybody before and all our contemporaries are running after it, so why not us? After all, the purpose of our life here is to accumulate money, so we can live dream life like rich people among us.

I decided to study some rich people out there. The great majority of them, especially here in Africa, are pouring the cash out of the firm they’re working in. they are smarter than us. They have found the way to get money without much effort. They are more zombies than robots. After all, the purpose here is to get as much as possible, no matter the means you are using. The other zombots are struggling to earn wretched income, especially in poor countries like ours. Why work like a dog all your life to earn so little money? We’d better steal what is already collected somewhere. Or maybe we can detect the pipes where it’s flowing and divert it. Yes, instead of stealing it awkwardly like rabbles, we, respectable people, prefer divert it a little. It’s less dirty, but it’s for the same purpose, so divert it! The bigger the pipe, the more we divert. And if there are people supposed to arrest thieves? Don’t bother. They also need money. We’re going to give them a little part. It’s more than what they earn arresting thieves. They are even going to give us a hand. You see, it’s almost infallible.

I’m sure you found yourself somewhere in the above lines, fellow zombots. But there is a minority who understands money in a different way. As for all minorities, they make us curious about them. There are even places where people are not aware of their existence. Yet they exist. They are real humans. Let’s see how they conceive money.
The first astounding thing with those persons is they are not concerned about money! No matter if they have plenty or if they have barely a little. They are not spending their time running after it. They don’t have time for it. They are running after something else and are gathering money in the meanwhile, if they need it. If they don’t need money, they are content with doing what they like. What a wrong way! While honest zombots are struggling and sacrificing their needs to earn money, there are people who let themselves doing something else and earn a lot of money “in the meanwhile”. There are even some who are perfectly happy without having money. How is it possible?
I’ve not yet finished study them, but I’ve already understood some things. Let’s take those who don’t earn money, but are making a difference in their place. Jesus, Buddha, or nearer, Mother Theresa (I told you they are a minority, so we know all the examples). They noticed they felt good doing something, generally doing good to people around them. And they noticed they didn’t need money to do so. You like smiling to people, bring some relief? You see that it’s making yourself feel good? You don’t need money to do it. When you’re singing, people like it and want more and you like it too?
Do you need money to sing?

Well, I know that someone is telling me:”ok, it’s fine, but who’s going to pay my bills, the studies of my children, the car I bought on credit? You don’t pay it with smiles and relieving words.” So let’s see humans who earn money.
Here is what I noticed with them. They understood that earning money is a game. You don’t need to steal it if you want it. You don’t need to run after it. It’s possible to attract money to your life, without risking to be arrested. Money can simply throw itself into their hands. But what is their secret? The same I wrote above. They are doing good to others, something that is making themselves feeling good, but they ask money for it. There are some who started by doing good for free, and when they saw more and more people asking for it, they decided to ask money to help them satisfy more people. Others started asking money from the beginning. First, little amounts, maybe pocket change for those who buy it, according to what they get in return, then more and more money as more and more people are coming along asking for the service, and as they become incapable of satisfying everybody. They created a virtuous circle, better, a kind of spiral which makes money pass through their hands in an accelerated rhythm, without stopping, with greater and greater sum. I do you a favor, you give me some money. You’re going to talk about me to other persons who need the same service. They come and ask me for it, and as they are many more, I have more money and more people hear about me. There is a moment, I’m overwhelmed, so I raise the price to keep a number of people I can serve, they go talk to other people, I’m overwhelmed again, and I raise the price again. As long as they keep satisfying their customers, they are attracting more and more people.

You see, real humans don’t worry about money, but they earn more than they need, or they simply live with just enough. But something is certain: they found a way to serve others, those ones shows their gratitude, it makes them feel good and live a life without useless stress. They are happy. And you know what? You got some skills that can allow you, if you use it to serve others, to see money as what it means to be: a means created by men to represent the value, the satisfaction he is able to create when serving others. The more he satisfies, or brings value to others, the more money he earns.

So, zombot or human?